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Last Updated on 25/03/2017
SWIFT Format

Swift Format for Wire Transfer to Indian Overseas Bank

Field Nos.

20                 To be filled by the bank originating the remittance

32a               Date, Currency, amount

50                 (Remitter’s Name) – Ordering customer

52                 Ordering bank – Bank originating the remittance

53                 Sender’s correspondent (to be filled in by the Bank originating the remittance)

To :                                    Bank Name              Citi Bank
Field 56                            SWIFT code         CITIUS 33
Intermediary Bank       Bank clearing code 
(IBAN wherever applicable)
For credit to                     Account Number 36050915
Field 57                             Beneficiary Bank Indian Overseas Bank

Ultimate beneficiary         Account Number       Beneficiary’s account number
Field 59                                 Account Name           Beneficiary’s name
                                               Branch                         Branch with whom the beneficiary is holding the account

Please note that the SWIFT code and account number of the intermediary bank mentioned above is only for USD. You may use any of our correspondents applicable to the currency you are likely to remit as available in our website changing the SWIFT code and name of the bank in Field 56 and account number in Field 57.